CVE Symposium


IPSI gathered leading thinkers, policymakers, digital pioneers, religious leaders, military experts and development practitioners at the CVE Symposium in Washington, DC to discuss the toughest challenges in countering and preventing violent extremism. Presenters and participants [...]

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IPSI 2017 Symposiums


IPSI successfully ran our 2017 flagship symposiums: The Sarajevo Symposium on Post-Conflict Transitions and The Bologna Symposium on Conflict Prevention, Resolution, and Reconciliation. Participants underwent intensive training for two- and three-weeks, respectively to engage with and learn [...]

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Sarajevo Symposium Blogs


In partnership with the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, the 2018 Sarajevo Symposium engaged 25 participants from 13 different countries in contemporary theory and practice of post-conflict political transitions in the former Yugoslavia and [...]

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